Whether its soccer, rugby, gymnastics, cycling, lacrosse, triathlon, or equestrian vaulting, there are specific demands for each sport. Jeff has years of experience with the biomechanics, energy system and specific muscular demands your sport.


Endurance Sports

Strength Training for Endurance Sports: There is an art and science to designing and implementing the right program for endurance athletes. There is no denying that runners, cyclists and swimmers need strength training. But the loads placed on an endurance athlete must be synergistic with the physiological demands of the individual’s sport. There is definitely an art in applying the science of strength training in order to tap into the athlete’s full potential and prevent mechanical and physiological breakdown. Learn how to be stronger, longer.

Power Sports/Ball Sports/Track & Field

Being successful in gymnastics, pole vaulting or rugby all have something in common. The ability to combine strength, agility, power, timing and coordination to overcome gravity and other forces that are working against you. These sessions are designed to improve your ability to handle the demands of your sport and thrive under adverse conditions.


Pre-Teen Sports

Ages 11-13

These sessions focus on teaching proper movement patterns and correcting imbalances before they create problems. We incorporate basic strength, agility and training concepts appropriate for pre-teen athletics. Also includes an easy to follow nutrition roadmap to help kids understand how to eat in order to maximize their health and performance.


High School Sports

Ages 14-18

This is a critical time for developing athletes. These sessions are designed to facilitate proper growth and development through timing and coordination, as well as, strength and agility. Sessions will include advanced movement patterns that challenge coordination and strength as well as short interval style exercises that demand focus and maximum efforts in a safe and encouraging environment.